Fichet - Truck and trailer parts


  • 1926

    Foundation of the company by Marc and Fernand Fichet. The company is then specialized in tyres and in rubber moulding.

  • 1967

    Jacques Fichet invents and patents a new concept of a three part mudguard for rear axles of tractor units. It is made of a rubber part strengthened, inside, by special vulcanized steel blades allowing a perfect maintenance of the curve even after frequent knocks. This BUTIMETAL® mudguard becomes the reference for all the European truck-builders.

  • 1983

    Creation of a second factory, POLYRIM, for conception and production of parts in Polyurethane RIM.
    Launch of the second generation of mudguards for tractor units, the BUTIMETAL XPU ® and a range of accessories for commercial vehicle industry : toolboxes and fire-extinguisher holders RIMBOX®, POLYFLEX ® mudguards, RIMFLAP® quarter fenders.

  • 1995

    Creation of a third factory, FIBOX, for production of steel and stainless steel mudguards: our PARAFLEX®

  • 1999

    POLYRIM invests in a new technology, the thermoplastic injection. A new generation of parts in polypropylene or polyethylene, lighter and more economical, is born : the BUTIMETAL XP ® 690 and a new range of a accessories for commercial vehicle industry RIMBOX®, RIMFLAP®

  • 2006

    Creation of a fourth plant, with the sales department and a 4000 m2 storage warehouse, specifically dedicated to commercial vehicles industry and distribution.